Important highlights:

  • This feature uses Shopify's draft order feature
  • Draft orders do not support discount codes
  • Two draft orders will be created during this process: the first once the shopper clicks the 'Pay Deposit' button and the second once the shopper completes checkout for the first deposit. 

Here's how the deposits feature works:

  1. You, as the merchant, enables the deposit feature on a product or service of your choice.
  2. The customer visits that product's page on your storefront, selects their desired appointment date and time in the booking widget then clicks the Pay Deposit button.
  3. Propel Appointments creates a discounted draft order for the deposit amount you specified in the product's settings. The app then takes the shopper to checkout for that draft order.
  4. Once the shopper completes checkout, the booking is created and the deposit is marked as paid.
  5. At the same time, the app creates a second draft order for the remaining amount and an invoice is sent to the customer. The invoice contains a payment link allowing the customer to complete checkout for that second draft order before the appointment.
  6. Once the shopper completes checkout for the second draft order, the remaining amount is marked as paid in the booking page in the app.

Additional tips:

  • Deposit-related text used in the booking widget and invoice can be customized in the Translations section in the app. 
  • Are you collecting the second payment in person at the appointment? If so, you may want to manually mark the second draft order as paid. This can be done by viewing it in the Draft Orders section in your Shopify account and clicking the Mark as Paid button.